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Nutrition and diets of parrots, parakeets, lories and lorikeets

PAPAGEIEN International - Special Issue Nutrition is a science based publication in the international edition of the professional journal PAPAGEIEN.


Publisher: René Wüst

Editor: Prof. Dr. Petra Wolf

Authors: Dr. Gerd Britsch, Dr. Marcellus Bürkle, Dr. Patrick Ghysels, Dr. Annett-Carolin Häbich, Dr. Ruth Kothe, Dr. Norbert Kummerfeld, Dr. Anna Linerva, Dr. Carlo Manderscheid, Dr. Elisabeth Peus, Dr. Matthias Reinschmidt, Dr. Xaver Wapelhorst and Prof. Dr. Petra Wolf

Translator: Tony Pittman


Quality and knowledge „Made in Germany“


Content (extract):

  • Nutrient contents of seeds
  • Seeds versus pelleted diets
  • Supplements (calcium, vitamin A)
  • Nutrient requirements of parakeets, amazons, african greys, macaws, cockatoos, lorikeets and lories
  • Dietary measurements (liver, kidney)
  • Hygienic quality of foods
  • Water consumption of parrots
  • Poisoning risks

“In the PAPAGEIEN INTERNATIONAL - SPECIAL ISSUE NUTRITION you will find a comprehensive series of articles on the correct nutrition of parrots and parakeets. The spectrum spans from avian feed science via the nutrition of some parrot species to frequently occurring nutritional problems from everyday life.“


A must for parrot breeder and parrot keeper.

Prof. Dr. Petra Wolf, professorship for diet and feeding of animals, University Rostock/Germany.


About the brand PAPAGEIEN:

It is the number 1 in Europe for keepers and breeders of parrots and parakeets. The leading professional journal about breeding, keeping and life in the wild. Regular issues: Every months new, for more than 30 years.

Volume > 90 pages

Language: English

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