Montserrat Buch Martínez: EDUCATING FROM THE HEART

Published in English language!
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A handbook for any beginner to care for their first psittacidae bird and for more experienced bird keepers too. Not only does it stand out for the suggestions and advice it contains, it is also innovative in terms of the book’s approach which is structured to provide the best possible knowledge and teachings about our animal friends. The author, trained in a centre with extensive experience, Loro Parque, proposes an alternative way to the use of food or reward circuits in animal training. Her way of solving the educational challenges of birds, based on human learning, provides the reader with an alternative approach that will allow them to benefit from the affection and love that these birds are capable of giving us.

By following her steps, we’ll be able to learn, discover, teach and enjoy, making our birds happier through the pleasure of learning. And, the bonds of trust that we create in the process will forge a closer relationship that will enable us to give them everything they need to achieve their happiness. That will be our success.


129 pages

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