JACOBO LACS: Parrot breeding under the Panamanian sun

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This publication will take you to the romantic Caribbean coast to Puerto Lindo in Panama. Located here is an extraordinary conservation centre, including a breeding facility and zoo, called the "Del Istmo Conservation Center", where 450 species and subspecies of birds and 50 species of mammals are taken care of. Get a glimpse into the interesting life of its founder, the famous bird expert Jacobo Lacs, who shares the best breeding methods as well as many useful practical tips, drawn from his 55 years of experience.


Excerpt: Loro Parque Xth Convention 2022 Speaker Profile:
Named in many parts of the world as 'the aviculturist’s aviculturist', Jacobo Lacs was born in Lima, Peru and it is in Panama that he maintains an extraordinary wildlife breeding centre. With parrots as the undisputed protagonists, he keeps little-known species and some, such as the Azuero parakeet Pyrrhura eisenmanni endemic to Panama, which he reproduced under his care for the first time in the world. Other species such as the Blue-headed Macaw Primolius couloni, toucan and other species  have also been bred under his care.
Jacobo keeps extraordinary rarities of parrots with mutations that originated in the wild.


Hard Cover, 336 Pages & 460 Colour Photos



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