Asiatic Parrots and their Mutations

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Asiatic Parrots and their Mutations

The author duo has not only created an authoritative standard work on these 560 pages. It is also a sought-after technical literature that has long been out of print in the general book trade. 

Tijmen Bastiaan and Sjack Bastiaan write their personal breeding experiences. These cover all Asian parakeets, their most important and most popular mutation forms.

So we browse through a rarity that offers elementary expertise, at least for breeders and those who want to become one, and is quite a treat for friends of Asian parakeets.

This begins with the entertaining introduction to the book. The authors give a compact but knowledgeable account of general feeding, housing and care. They outline the spectrum of diseases and the breeding process.

This is followed by portraits of the African, Abyssinian, and Neumann's Ring-necked parakeets, as well as a general treatise on mutations.

Then it really gets going: the Ring-necked parakeet shows the detail-obsessed explanation over more than 300 pages. This depth of knowledge is what makes the book so valuable. In addition to the treatises on the rarities in aviaries, the popular Plum-headed parakeet is also dealt with in detail.

A thankful, meticulous work.

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