Otto Lutz: Standard-cockatiels - The classic colour mutations

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Standard cockatiels The classic colour mutations A guide to keeping, breeding and exhibiting.

Otto Lutz is an active breeder for over 30 years and one of the most successful exhibitors of cockatiels in Germany. In this book, Lutz shares his breeding, keeping and exhibiting experiences, without keeping any secrets from the reader.You will get an interesting and helpful insight into cockatiel keeping with this unique book, written by a specialist.

Breeder questions, to the smallest detail, are answered and explained. Cockatiel genetics is explained in words, but also graphically. In this way, even beginners can easily read through the topic of genetics. The guide to keeping, feeding and exhibiting is abundantly supported by many wonderful photographs. The standards of the mutations are extensively discussed and accompanied by various images. Furthermore, attention is being given to problems and errors for specific colour mutations.

The author has one main objective: information should be shared. This reference book about cockatiels is unique in its kind. This first volume is dedicated to the classical colour mutations, which are described in detail. This reference book will not only delight cockatiel enthusiasts.

Book description: Size: 17 x 24 cm 220 glossy pages More than 600 photo’s. ISBN-Nr. 978-3-00-055-333-2.

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