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WP-Cup Rosalinda

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Help the threatened parrots by drinking coffee and tea with our cups. 2 EUR of each sold cup goes directly to the species conservations projects of the Karlsruhe Zoo Foundation for the Protection of Species.

Our cups show the star Rosalinda of Pippi Longstocking. These unique cups are exclusively available at Karlsruhe Zoo or in our shop.The ceramic cups have a height of about 95 mm, a diameter of 83 mm and are approx. 350 grams.

NEW: Safe money by ordering several cups! So it is worth giving as a present or a collective order with friends.

From 3 cups you get a discount of 1 € on each cup in your shopping cart. *

From 5 cups you get a discount of 2 € on each cup in your shopping cart. *


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