Because sustainability is more than just turning off the lights.

Arndt-Verlag e.K. only uses certified FSC paper from sustainable forestry. In this way we promote environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management. What this means exactly is explained here:
The Arndt-Verlag e.K. has a long tradition of commitment to conservation. Since 1988, the Arndt publishing house, together with the Zoological Society for the Protection of Species and Populations, has dedicated itself to ( their protection efforts for parrots worldwide! The Arndt-Verlag supports the ZGAP through a corporate membership. The management and some editorial members of the publishing house have taken over responsibility within the ZGAP and its "Fund for Threatened Parrots" (FbP) and thus contribute directly to the active implementation of the species protection thought.

Our promise

The basis for our social commitment is the economic success of the publishing house. We enjoy this success, but we are equally happy to share it with others.
The fact that this commitment is possible in this form is due to the creativity, personal commitment and motivation of its employees.
The dissemination of specialist knowledge to improve the keeping and breeding conditions of our parrots by assuming social responsibility is a matter close to our heart, which we pursue just as seriously and passionately as our business.

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