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 The "WP Special Issue Understanding Behaviour" is a comprehensive extra issue of the WP magazine. Over 80 pages offer news from research and practice on the behaviour of our parrots/parakeets.

 The focus is on solutions and practical help for the everyday life of bird keepers on the following specialist topics (excerpt of contents):  

  • Behavioural biology  
  • Recognising abnormalities
  • Aggression, biting
  • Screaming, plucking
  • Body language
  • Mate choice, breeding
  • Learning behaviour
  • Individual characters
  • Intuitive communication
  • Understanding swarm life
  • Integrating newcomers
  • Play & Exploration
  • Illness signals
  • Behavioural training

Authors (excerpt): Laurent Amann (behavioural biologist and animal communicator), Alice Auersberg (University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna), Isabel Barbosa-Pacheco (University of Frankfurt/Main, zoo animal biology), Dr. Auguste von Bayern (Max Planck Institute), Ann Castro (trainer), Jörg Ehlenbröker, Patrick Furch (Vogelpark Marlow), Barbara Heidenreich (trainer, USA), Werner Lantermann, Ronja Rahner (veterinarian, University/Clinic Gießen)

New publication 2021 in limited edition, 80 pages with numerous illustrations and photos

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Language: German


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