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WP-Sonderheft Medizin & Gesundheit für Vögel

Language: German
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Limited reprint. Delivery only while stock last.

The big WP special issue "Medizin & Gesundheit für Vögel"

Over 90 pages. Exclusive medical publications. Numerous practical instructions and assistance for bird owners. Delivery is free of shipping costs within Germany, abroad according to cost.


In this special edition of the WP-Magazin Wellensittich & Papageien you find uniquely the bundled current specialized knowledge for disease recognition, health care and treatment of parrots/parakeets.


A first-class team of avian veterinaries, among them practicing physicians and specialists for selected disease patterns, have compiled this unique issue with the WP editors. Scientifically accompanied by the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Gießen.


The outlook on new developments in avian medicine as well as the consideration of risk diseases of selected species (e.g. budgies, grey parrots, cockatiels) round off this large special issue.


Top topics from the content:


·        checkup at the veterinary surgeon


·        diabetes


·        obesity


·        first aid at home


·        parasites


·        infectious Diseases


·        egg binding


·        prophylaxis


·        diagnostics


·        heart diseases


·        medical training


·        poisoning


·        aspergillosis


Comments on the magazine:


"A magazine that no bird-watching library should be without, to be prepared for the event of illness." Gaby Schulemann-Maier, WP Editorial Office


"A well-founded assistance. Scientifically up to date. Bird keepers will use this edition practically for many years!" Dr. vet.-med. Kristina Maier-Sam, University of Gießen



"The best preparation for the vet visit and the emergency at home!" Dr. Sigrid März, WP Editorial Office


Language: German

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