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In the issue 08/2022 you can read

- Lubos Tomiska: The Barraband's Parakeet: Biology, Keeping and Breeding

- Heinz Schnitker: The names of parrots ... To the revised list of the Academy for Birdkeeping

- Karlsruhe Zoo: Sensor egg collects important data in zoo and nature

- Lubos Tomiska: Rare breeding of the Thick-billed Parrot in the Amazon Park on Crete (Part 2)

- Jörg Ehlenbröker: The diet of Parrotlets (part 2)

- Dr. Matthias Gehm: Civil law claim for surrender regarding parrots - who owns an escaped bird?

- Dennis Nagel/Safari World, Bangkok: How to make a healthy parrot diet palatable to zoo visitors?

- Dr. David Waugh: Ups and downs in the Red-vented Cockatoo project

- The special photo: Palm Cockatoo

- News from around the world: News from the world of parrots

- Classifieds market

- News from the zoo world: Loro Parque

- Loro Parque Fundación release list

- Meeting place


- Great success with the Puerto Rican Amazon

- Indonesian police successful once again

- New Zealand begins world's largest eradication of predators

- Artificial nesting holes tested for Lilian's Lovebirds

- Online trade in West African birds takes on dramatic proportions


Language: German

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