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In the issue 05/2022 you can read

- Lubos Tomiska: Feeding Lories (Part 1)

- Prof. Dr. Petra Wolf: Feeding parrots in times of crisis

- Vladislav Marcuk et al: Keeping and breeding of the Central Australian Banks' Cockatoo at ACTP Germany

- Interview with ... Zdenek Vandelik (Part 2)

- Sabine Schulz: Blue and gold Macaws and the South American parrot trade

- Simon Bruslund on the work of EAZA Parrot TAG: "Moluccan Cockatoos are the orangutans of the parrot world".

- The special photo: Plum-headed Parakeets

- News from around the world: News from the world of parrots

- News from the zoo world: Loro Parque, Paignton Zoo

- Classifieds market

- Loro Parque Fundación release list

- Meeting place


- Another successful breeding season for the Kakapo

- Parakeet poacher caught

- 25th meeting of the Endangered Parrot Fund

- Bins used to kill cockatoos

- Yellow-naped Amazon upgraded

- 2021/22 Orange-bellied Parrot season less good than expected


Language: German


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