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 In the issue 09/2021 you can read

  • Loro Parque, Warsaw Zoo & Rotterdam Zoo
  • Vico Gärtner: The Indian Red-breasted Parakeet - Experiences from 20 years of keeping and breeding
  • Jörg Ehlenbröker: The Princess of Wales Parakeet: The Blue Mutation Form
  • Safe transport of hatching eggs
  • Bianca Hahn: Breeding biology and population development of the Yellow-headed Amazon in Stuttgart (Part 2)
  • Sabine Schulz: A journey to the Australian cockatoos
  • Interview with ... Werner Neumann
  • When does agriculture come into conflict with wildlife
  • Rafael Zamora Padrón: More Lear's Macaws released into the wild
  • Armin Brockner: At the Blue-winged Parrotlets in Brazil


  • Clever cockatoos
  • 24th Meeting of the Fonds für bedrohte Papageien - digital for the first time
  • Parrots reintroduced to the wild in Wokam, Indonesia
  • ZGAP supports barcoding project to stop illegal wildlife trade
  • Zoos reject veterinary law as inappropriate
  • Increased occurrence of Burrowing Parrots in urban areas

 Language: German

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