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In the issue 07/2021 you can read

  • Loro Parque, Chemnitz Zoo, Osnabrück Zoo
  • Daniel Teßmer: Keeping and breeding the Australian king parrot
  • Raphael Matern & Linus Brenner: Keeping parrot species together - socialisation at Weltvogelpark Walsrode (Part 1)
  • Tony Silva: Five steps to breeding success
  • Dr. Gerd Britsch: The stable immune system - What can be done for it? (Part 2)
  • Interview with ... Peter Widmann
  • Dieter Hoppe: The Cliff parakeet - a complete unknown with a newly discovered occurrence
  • Dr. Matthias Gehm: News on the ban on keeping and removal of parrots in cases of animal hoarding
  • Possession and trapping of parrots on the Ecuadorian coast


  • New threat to the Lear's Macaw
  • 20 Spix's Macaws hand-reared
  • 1.15 million dollar project to protect the Orange-fronted parakeet
  • Endangerment of the Swift parrot also in Australia
  • Hybridisation of Amazons in California
  • Monk parakeets in Israel

Language: German

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