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 In the issue 06/2021 you can read

  • Loro Parque, Moscow Zoo, Neuwied Zoo
  • Dr. Eric Diener: Keeping and breeding of the Mitchell's lorikeets at Heidelberg Zoo
  • Interview with ... Jörg Ehlenbröker (Part 2)
  • Andreas Volkmar: At the Scarlet macaws and Orange-chinned parakeets in Costa Rica
  • Dr. Gerd Britsch: The stable immune system - What can be done for it? (Part 1)
  • Werner Lantermann: Old and New of the Mealy Macaw - Taxonomy, Endangerment,breeding history and mystery bird
  • Dr. Birte Strobel: News from the conservation project for the Grey-breasted conure
  • Feeding of hand reared birds


  • Pesticide poisoning described for the first time in wild hyacinth macaws
  • Spix's macaw offspring in Germany and for the first time in the Caatinga
  • Volcanic eruption threatens St. Vincent amazons
  • Conservation project for the Pfrimer's parakeet
  • Orange-bellied parrots leave Tasmania
  • Joint action by environmental protection associations against wildlife trade

Language: German


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