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In the issue 05/2021 you can read

  • Loro Parque, Belfast Zoo, Neuwied Zoo
  • Marcia Weinzettl, Lubos Tomiska & Rafael Zamora Padrón: European first-breeding of the Red-eared Conure at the Loro Parque Fundación
  • Interview with ... Jörg Ehlenbröker (Part 1)
  • Repairing damaged eggs
  • Dr. Luis Ortiz-Catedral: New Zealand's feathered jewel: The Orange-fronted parakeet
  • Dr David Waugh: Gradual decline of parrots on the Sangihe and Talaud Islands
  • Stephan Martens: Macaws, Amazons and Infinite Wilderness - A Journey to the Pantanal (Part 2)
  • Alejandro Balbiano & Dr. Juan F. Masello: Alarmingly high mortality in Burrowing parrot
  • Dr. Christoph Hinkelmann: Bird flu in private keeping leads to the destruction of the entire flock
  • A mobile clay lick for the aviary


  • More space needed for kakapos
  • Lori smuggling prevented in Indonesia
  • Another conservationist murdered
  • Support for the Red-vented Cockatoo Project in the Philippines
  • Successful season for the Yellow-shouldered Amazon
  • Lear's Macaws and Wild Bees

Language: German


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