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In the issue 03/2021 you can read

·        Appeal for donations, Jihlava Zoo, Loro Parque, Prof. Theo Pagel

·        Bettina Buchmüller with Andreas Kurzmaier: The attempt to preserve the Müller's Eclectus parrot in our aviaries (Part 1)

·        Joachim Spee: Unforeseen hand rearing of a Blue-crowned hanging parrot

·        Litter for nesting boxes

·        The results of the election for the article of the year 2020

·        Jade Welch: Popular and adaptable: Australia's Coconut lorikeet (Part 2)

·        Interview with ... Julie Blanch (Part 1)

·        René Wüst: Blue-throated conure of the tropical dry broadleaf forest in the Colombian Caribbean region (Part 1)

·        Werner Lantermann: Rare parrots in zoos: Cape and Brown-necked parrots

·        A cork wall for the aviary


·        Another conservationist murdered

·        PBFD vaccine about to be approved

·        Orange-fronted parakeet releases and heat deaths

·        Threat to Mathew's palm cockatoo increases dramatically

·        More good news from the Orange-bellied parrot

·        Update of the "Red List

·        Hard times for zoos and bird parks

·        Jihlava Zoo wants to breed Hyacinth Macaws again

·        Varied green food

·        Prof. Theo Pagel on his 60th birthday


Language: German

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