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In the issue 12/2020 you can read

·        Loro Parque, Staff Registration, Givskud Zoo, Green Zoo Wuppertal

·        Heike Kalbus: Thomas Arndt - a life for the parrots

·        Interview with ... Rolf Grimm

·        Daniel Teßmer: Bourke's parrots - the cross with the wild color

·        Dr. Thierry Aebischer & René Wüst: First field recordings of the Niam-Niam parrot

·        Mehd Halaouate: Pygmy parrots: For the smallest parrots in the world (Part 1)

·        Dr. Matthias Gehm: Schleswig-Holstein Administrative Court comments on the keeping requirements for parrots (Part 1)

·        Conservation practices and dialect formation in the threatened Puerto Rican Amazon

·        Redaktion PAPAGEIEN: Our proposals for the election of the article of the year

·        Individual recognition in the aviary



·        Colored sulphur-crested cockatoos in the Royal National Park in Sydney

·        Max Birkendorf succeeds René Wüst

·        To the 80th birthday of Dr. Franz Robiller

·        Good news from the Orange-bellied parrot

·        Keas can learn to avoid poison

·        Preparations are underway for the reintroduction of the Thick-billed parrot in Arizona

·        Prof. Dr. Eberhard Curio has died.


Language: German

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