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In the issue 11/2020 you can read

·        Loro Parque, Parrot World, Givskud Zoo

·        Rafael Zamorra Padrón: The yellow-shouldered amazon in keeping and outdoor

·        Jörg Ehlenbröker: Blue, turquoise, and grey-green: Little known mutation forms of the Australian king parrot

·        Movable perches

·        Opinions on the imminent release of the Spix's Macaw

·        Protection projects that need our help

·        Aviary alternative made of "harp wire”

·        Heinz Schnitker: Studies on the systematics of the lories (part 2)

·        Armin Brockner: Brown-eared conures in Brazil



·        Defenseless protected areas

·        Potential swift parrot habitat in danger

·        Australia considers lifting the import ban on parrots

·        Characteristics of the new subspecies of the Banks’ black cockatoo

·        Yellow-eared conure back from the edge of extinction

·        Detection of the night parrot in Western Australia


Language: German

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