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In the issue 9/2020 you can read

·        Loro Parque, Wuppertal Green Zoo, Karlsruhe Zoo

·        Max Birkendorf: Keeping and breeding of the yellow-cheeked cockatoo in Neuwied Zoo (Part 2)

·        Asked by... Tony Silva

·        Dieter Hoppe: Nutrition of the free-living Stuttgart Yellow-headed Amazon (Part 2)

·        Semi-mature maize as supplementary feed

·        Dr. David Waugh: Genetic testing of Buffon's Macaws in Costa Rica

·        Werner Lantermann: Rare parrots in zoos: Black-billed Amazon

·        Dr. Alexander Henrich: Observations on red-crowned parakeets and kakas

·        An "eye-catcher" with 15 corners



·        Illegal parrot trade in Mexico

·        Bad times for Casiarina black cockatoos

·        Volunteers reforest former pine plantation in Perth

·        Outbreak of aspergillosis in the kakapo population on Codfish Island

·        Fly kites endangered birds

·        80th birthday of Karl Heinz Lambert


Language: German

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