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In the issue 02/2021 you can read

·        Loro Parque, Green Zoo Wuppertal

·        Vladislav Marcuk et al.: Keeping, breeding and development of the Lear's Macaw at ACTP Germany (Part 2)

·        Jörg Ehlenbröker: Fringed or fringed? The mutation form dominant fringed in the orange-throated parrot

·        Jade Welch: Popular and adaptable: Australia's Mountain Lorikeet (Part 1)

·        Asked by ... Bernd Ziegenfuß

·        Outdoor feeding

·        Dr. Christoph Hinkelmann: German names for parrots

·        Breeding aviaries: Sliding elements allow variable sizes

·        Dr. Matthias Gehm: The Administrative Court of Baden-Württemberg strengthens the rights of parrot keepers



·        Hardly any suitable breeding burrows for the Baraband's parakeet

·        Macaws become film stars

·        166 parrots seized

·        Restraining order sought to preserve important swallow parakeet breeding ground

·        Jocotoco expands protected areas

·        Palm cockatoo threatened with extinction


Language: German

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