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In the issue 01/2021 you can read

·        Loro Parque, Zurich Zoo, Heidelberg Zoo

·        Vladislav Marcuk et al.: Keeping, breeding and development of the Lear's Macaw at ACTP Germany (Part 1)

·        Interview with ... Mike Grunewald

·        Mehd Halaouate: Pygmy parrots: On the world's smallest parrots (part 2)

·        New mating of parrots

·        Dr. Matthias Gehm: Schleswig-Holstein Administrative Court comments on husbandry requirements for parrots (Part 2)

·        Werner Lantermann: Rare parrots in zoos: Yellow-fronted parrot

·        Dr David Waugh: Conservation measures for the Leptosittaca in southern Ecuador.

·        Determining the status and threats of the Timneh Parrot by combining local knowledge and field surveys


·        26 Scarlet macaws released in Guatemalan nature reserve

·        Swift parrot on the brink of extinction?

·        Orange-fronted parakeet successfully hand-reared

·        Orange-bellied parrot - the news just keeps getting better and better

·        Conservationist murdered again in Mexico

·        Black-capped lorises smuggled in water bottles


Language: German

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