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 In the issue 10/2020 you can read

·        Wilhelma, Loro Parque, Chester Zoo, Zurich Zoo

·        Jörg Ehlenbröker: Keeping and breeding of the Tourquoise parrot

·        Marcel Schneider: Unusual breeding and rearing courses with Australian king parrots

·        Planting strips between the aviaries

·        Mehd Halaouate: The Plum-faced lorikeet in free life and posture

·        Interview with ... Günter Feuchter

·        Heinz Schnitker: Studies on the systematics of the loris (Part 1)

·        Dr. David Waugh: Effects of climate and habitat changes on the Cape Parrot

·        A trap that has it all!



·        Sobering study on the preservation of the orange-bellied parrot

·        Helicopter to drive away galah cocatoos and bare-eyed cockatoos

·        Fires in Brazil threaten Hyacinthin macaws

·        Again health problems with the Kakapos

·        Smuggling of protected animals by the BKSDA prevented again

·        Extreme poaching on Brazil's most traded parrot


Language: German

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