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 In the issue 08/2021 you can read

  • Loro Parque, Landau Zoo, Neuwied Zoo
  • Norbert & Kevin Groß-Hardt: Experiences with breeding Red-fronted macaws in flocks
  • Raphael Matern & Linus Brenner: Sharing parrot species - socialisation at Weltvogelpark Walsrode (Part 2)
  • Interview with ... Jacobo Lacs
  • Bianca Hahn: Breeding biology and population development of the Yellow-headed amazon in Stuttgart (Part 1)
  • Bins for parrot chicks
  • Marcelo Madeira: The Peach-fronted conure
  • Dr. Christoph Hinkelmann: The bird Pihidi - probably the first representation of the Ultramarine lorikeet
  • Chlorinated rubber paint for the aviary


  • Inter-association discussion on the current situation in bird keeping
  • Night parrot successfully detected again
  • Swift parrots sighted in Canberra
  • Budgies back in Queensland
  • Ground parrots relocated
  • 23 Sulphur-crested cockatoos back in their natural habitat

Language: German


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