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Gefiederte Welt 06/2021

Language: German
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These contents can be found in issue 06/2021

  • Zoo Neuwied: Offspring of the flamingos
  • Tierpark Chemnitz: Offspring of the emus
  • Zoo Moskau: Common griffon killed by glove
  • Schönbrunn Zoo: Waldrapp breeding mothers in constant use
  • The Gray's malimbe by Heinz Lölfing
  • Atlantic canary (Part 2) by Horst Mayer
  • Passerines (Part 1) by Martin Gloor
  • The Oriole by Dr. Uwe Westphal
  • Aviary for Quails by Anne Baresch, Michael Volk & Nico da Silva
  • Mathias Blattner: "We want the optimal feed for each bird species" by Dietmar Schmidt
  • Gartered trogon (Trogon caligatus concinnus) by Doz. Dr. habil. Franz Robiller
  • Sundheimer by Tessa Schardt
  • Bird Paradise Uganda (Part 2) by Ingo Kober
  • Gold Medals


  • Black-browed barbet rediscovered in Borneo
  • "Albi" - the Australian brushturkey
  • US court upholds law to protect migratory birds

Language: German


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