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Gefiederte Welt 05/2022

Language: German
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These contents can be found in issue 05/2022

- Further findings with my Lesser Antillean bullfinch by Horst Mayer (Part 1)

- Long-tailed Rosefinches - frugal, modest and lovable by Jutta Wagner and Jürgen Klos

- Hubert Jütten - and his exemplary aviaries by Theo Kleefisch and Hubert Jütten (Part 1)

- Black soldier Fly larvae - true calcium bombs by Kerstin Schlabitz

- Heidelberg Zoo: The birds are back - bird flu protection measures lifted

- Bird flu: Emergency plan and precautions in the event of an epidemic by Rainer Berenz

- The garden as a bird nursery - offers food, nesting opportunities and nesting material by Anita Schäffer

- Emerald-spotted wood Dove - beauty up close by Jan Wegener

- Wild birds on Tenerife - the Barbary Partridge by Armin Brockner

- Rudolf Neunzig - the scientific bird keeper by Dietmar Schmidt

- Events/legal issues/new books


- Silver Pigeon threatened with extinction

- The Cherry-throated Tanager has been rediscovered

News from zoos and bird parks

- Zoo Neuwied: A new chicken breed - the Mechelen chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus)

- Cologne Zoo: 99 birds dead in tropical hall fire

- Frankfurt/Main Zoo: Dr. Christina Geiger becomes new zoo director


Language: German


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