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Gefiederte Welt 03/2021

Language: German
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These contents can be found in issue 03/2021

·        Moscow Zoo: Breeding success with Hornbills

·        Wilhelma Stuttgart: Offspring of the Cape barren geese

·        Prague Zoo: Count Raggi's bird of paradise and Darwin crater

·        The Black faced quailfinch by René Stelzer-Scholz

·        Chestnut-bellied orphonia (part 1) by Theo Kleefisch

·        Altruistic breeding by Markus Patschke

·        Worm prophylaxis or faecal examination in bird keeping by Matthias Hakemeyer

·        West African Ornithological Society (WAOS) by Dietmar Schmidt

·        The Blackcap by Prof. Hans-Heiner Bergmann

·        25 Observation: Hybrid Geese by Werner Sterwerf

·        Zoo Paira Daiza by René Wüst

·        The "Gibberbird" (Ashbyia lovensis) by Jan Wegener

·        Return of the Hoopoe by Herbert Geitner

·        Otto Finsch as an Ornithologist by Werner Lantermann

·        People/Law/Book Review


·        Bar-tailed Godwit flies 12,000 km

·        Record year for Roseate Terns

·        First bred Philippine Eagle dies

·        Birds die at skyscrapers

Language: German

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