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Gefiederte Welt 02/2022

Language: German
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 These contents can be found in issue 02/2022

  • The Natal Robin - keeping and reproduction by Willi Preitschopf
  • Von-der-Decken's hornbill and Crested seriemas - breeding in the bird park Viernheim 2021 by Christian Metzger
  • The Mountain caracaras - in the bird park Bobenheim-Roxheim by Anita Sahm
  • Dr. Dominik Fischer: "Without chicks as feed, there may be bottlenecks in the supply of various animals in line with demand" by Dietmar Schmidt
  • Bird droppings as a health indicator - early detection protects against disease by Matthias Hakemeyer
  • Bee moth larvae - delicious food for our fosterlings by Kerstin Schlabitz
  • Lamington National Park in Australia - A visit to a world heritage site? by Johann Janßen
  • Winter guests from the far north by Gerhard Hofmann
  • Magdalena Heinroth - researcher without an academic title by Dr. rer. nat. Elke Brüser
  • Dr. Karl Ruß - from pharmacist to recognized author of reference books
  • Anniversary symposium - lectures, technical discussions and further education
  • Letters to the editor, people, new books


  • Green Broadbill spotted in Singapore
  • Protection for the capercaillie
  • Record number of stork pairs counted in Belgium

Language: German


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