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Gefiederte Welt 09/2022

Language: German
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These contents can be found in issue 08/2022

- Biology and breeding of the Red-fronted Macaw by Lubomir Tomiska

- Red Cardinals - my keeping experiences in the years 2016-2021 by Klaus Herrmann

- The "Ark" Prigen by Theo Kleefisch

- The "Shama Thrushes" - protection, keeping and propagation in the Prigen Conservation Breeding Ark by Jochen Menner (Part 1)

- My Curassows - their keeping and reproduction by Hubert Jütten and Theo Kleefisch (Part 3)

- Partial leucistic Common Moorhens - an unusual color anomaly by Dr. Ingo Kober

- The Scaly-breasted Munia  - are there subspecies-pure birds in aviary keeping? by Andreas Volkmar

- The Penduline Tit - feeding the young birds at the nest by Dr. Christoph Robiller

- Dr. Severin Dressen: Ornis, Pantanal and Congo by Stephan Hübner (Part 1)

- Vivarium Darmstadt - visited for you by Dietrich Rössel and Cornelia Stenz-Bradbury

- Dr. Joachim Steinbacher - an era begins by Dietmar Schmidt

- The Gefiederte Welt awards its gold medals for the 58th time


- The Spix's Macaw flies again in its natural habitat

News from zoos and bird parks

- Zoological Stadtgarten Karlsruhe: Sensor egg collects important data in the zoo and in nature

- Zoological-Botanical Garden Wilhelma: New Home for Pygmy Falcon, Roadrunner and Co.


Language: German

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