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Gefiederte Welt 01/2020

Language: German
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You can expect these contents in issue 1/2020:

·        The hill myna - by Victoria Michel

·        Threatened hill mynas and the Save-Magiao-Project by Simon Bruslund

·        Keeping and breeding of the hill myna - a field report by Anja Jurchen

·        The "blue-headed" Tanagers - The golden-hooded tanager (Tangara larvata) by Martin Gloor (part 2)

·        The "real" Tadorninae from Hans-Günther Kaiser

·        Hoopoe (Upupa epops) by Karl Heinz Lambert

·        Johann Friedrich Naumann - a pioneer in ornithology by Ditmar Oppermann

·        The Congo peacock - an addendum to the free-living stock and monitoring of Hjalmar S. Kühl

·        New bird species - discovered and described by Dietmar Schmidt



·        Dramatic declines in bird species in agricultural landscapes

·        Preis für Tropenornithologie 2019 to Ditmar Oppermann


Language: German

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