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Gefiederte Welt 11/2019

Language: German
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You can expect these contents in issue 11/2019:

·        Chinese myna - rarely seen in private homes and zoos

·        The nesting caves of the Timneh parrot on the Bijagós archipelago in Guinea-Bissau

·        The first Spix's Macaw, the mysterious parrot and a supposedly monstrous chicken chick

·        Pyrrhuloxia

·        Under discussion: Dr. Matthias Reinschmidt

·        The Kuhl's lory on Atiu



·        Steinbacher-Preis 2019 to Theo Kleefisch

·        Kölner Zoo presents new flamingo keeping

·        Geronticus eremita: New roommates for the black vulture

·        The Reeves' Pheasant has been upgraded to Appendix II


Language: German

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