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Gefiederte Welt 09/2020

Language: German
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These contents can be found in issue 9/2020

·        Dortmund Zoo: Offspring of raven vultures

·        Tierpark Berlin: Africa landscape opened

·        Landau Zoo: Warning device for penguins

·        Zoo Basel: Offspring of the pink flamingos

·        My Lesser Antillean bullfinch by Horst Mayer

·        Horst Mayer: "We must communicate observations" by Dr. Sigrid März

·        The Goldfinch by Andreas Volkmar

·        Incubators by Anne Baresch, Michael Volk & Nico da Silva

·        How do birds see? by Matthias Hakemeyer

·        GEH e. V. - Endangered breeds of farm animals

·        International Cardueliden Club by Dietmar Schmidt

·        Streaked spiderhunter (Arachnothera magna) by Armin Brockner

·        Double pendulum nesting box for the Little Owl by Stefan Schawo & Dr. Sigrid März

·        Ornithological travel impressions from Western Australia (Part 2) by Prof. Theo Pagel

·        Law/Book review



·        The "Bahama Nuthatch"

·        American Robinses notice "cuckoo's eggs"

·        Monk parakeets nest with storks


Language: German

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