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Gefiederte Welt 08/2020

Language: German
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These contents can be found in issue 8/2020

·        Karlsruhe Zoo: Lapwing offspring to be released into the wild

·        Heidelberg Zoo: Commitment to the reintroduction of waldrapp

·        PCBA: Wangi Wangi bluehead

·        The wallcreeper by Thomas Wendt

·        Breeding of superb glossy starlings by Werner Lantermann

·        Cuckoo: breeding parasitism in the reed warbler's nest by Janusz Stepniewski

·        White storks: Master Adebar in Kassel by Wilfried Martin

·        Interview with BNA managing director Dr. Martin Singheiser, part 2

"Many owners and breeders have extensive expertise" by Dietmar Schmidt

·        Green bee eater (Merops orientalis) by Falko Düsterhöft

·        The Falcon Hospital of Abu Dhabi by Werner Sterwerf

·        Pheasantry in Wiesbaden by Cornelia Stenz-Bradbury & Dietrich Rössel

·        Ornithological travel impressions from Western Australia (Part 1) by Prof. Theo Pagel

·        Obituary: Ruediger Neff



·        Exotic rosy starlings in Bavaria

·        News from the blue-eyed ground dove

·        Cockatoo Competition

·        Successes with the Darwin's fly catchers


Language: German

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