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Gefiederte Welt 07/2020

Language: German
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These contents can be found in issue 7/2020

·        Wildpark-MV Güstrow: Renovated free flight aviaries

·        Vogelpark Marlow: Lesser Spotted Eagle Protection

·        Zoo Neuwied: Red-billed kittas

·        The "blue" blue-and-black tanagers - orange-naped tanager by Martin Gloor

·        The White-necked Laughing-thrush - a success story by Holger Schneider & Prof. Theo Pagel

·        Kenya trill pigeons from Marc Ovelgönne

·        GTO grant from Dr. Christoph Hinkelmann

·        GTO-funded projects:

·        Breeding strategies of the Olive mountain greenbul by Dr. Beate Apfelbeck

·        Breeding successes of the fan-tailed flyeater by Lara Groß

·        The bird museum Heineanum zu Halberstadt by Ditmar Oppermann

·        Green-headed tanager (Tangara seledon) by Daniel Brockner

·        Interview with BNA Managing Director Dr. Martin Singheiser "We stand for an animal-friendly attitude on" by Dietmar Schmidt

·        Green kingfisher by Daniel Brockner

·        Species protection/products/book review



·        Resettlement: Italian partridge

·        Crows and cheeseburgers

·        News from the ancestors of birds


Language: German

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