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Gefiederte Welt 03/2020

Language: German
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You can expect these contents in issue 3/2020:

·        Madagascan partridge by Marc Ovelgönne

·        The Vinaceous fire finch by René Schramm

·        Turtledove (Streptopelia turtur) by Frank Leo

·        Bird of the year 2020 - Turtledove - by Werner Sterwerf

·        Cold plasma therapy for pet birds by Dr. Tim Schreiber

·        The "blue-headed" Tanagers (part 3) - The blue-necked tanager - by Martin Gloor

·        Long-tailed glossy starling by Werner Lantermann



·        Golden aagle juvenile birds discovered in the Santa Monica Mountains

·        "Man is the greatest enemy of biodiversity"

·        King penguin at the southern tip of South Africa

·        Robins on the rise in Europe


Language: German

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