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Zahner, Wimmer: Spechte & Co.

Language: German
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Woodpeckers & Co.

Sympathetic guardians of native forests

Like no other bird family, our woodpeckers stand for the forest habitat. They build caves and develop food sources for a variety of animal species, which gives them a special significance for this ecosystem. Numerous fascinating adaptations to the tree characterize this group as well as their high cognitive abilities. They thus represent a lesson in ecological relationships and networks. Their drumming and calls in spring and autumn are striking. Self-created smithies as a simple form of tool use, ringlets on trees, the self-created caves and the almost omnipresent chopping tracks bear witness to the presence of woodpeckers in our forests.

With unusual pictures and comprehensible texts, this book wants to bring to light both the manifold connections between forests and woodpeckers as well as the fascinating survival strategies of our woodpeckers, and also promote a responsible approach to the forest as a habitat.

Authors: Volker Zahner, Norbert Wimmer

2019, 168 p., 197 color illustrations, 5 b/w illustrations, 19 cards, hardcover

Language: German


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