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Helmut Kraus: Faszination Eulen

Language: German
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Fascination owls

Owls do not impress with their colorfulness, they do not impress with their singing - they live rather in secrecy and are hunters of the night. And yet there is hardly any other animal group that has fascinated humans so much for thousands of years and around which so many myths have grown.

This book not only presents numerous species from the giant eagle owl to the tiny pygmy owl, but also offers insight into the proper keeping and breeding of these extraordinary birds. A unique book for all owl lovers!

Author: Helmut Kraus

Helmut Kraus runs the Eulenhof in Deining (Oberpfalz) since he discovered his passion for owls over 30 years ago. He has dedicated himself to the breeding of owls, the conservation of owls and owl research. He also runs a quarantine station where owls, birds of prey and waterfowl wait for a new home.

2018, 2nd edition, 168 pages, illustrated throughout in 4 colors, hardcover

Language: German

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