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Dingler, Karl-Heinz: Audio-CD

Language: German
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Exotic bird world - Audio CD

Popular and interesting bird species of the earth in high-quality and long sound recordings. Your "darling at home" will be thrilled!


Audio CD by Karl-Heinz Dingler including 8-page booklet with information on all birds and 21 colour photos.

Total playing time: 78:53 minutes

1.      Amazon Rainforest, 4:23

2.      Trichoglossus haematodus, Rainbow Lorikeet, 3:50

3.      Ara ararauna, Blue-and-yellow Macaw, 3:34

4.      Gracula religiosa, Hill Myna, 6:01

5.      Neopsephotus bourkii, Bourke's Parrot, 3:05

6.      Geopelia cuneata, Diamond Dove, 5:35

7.      Psittacus erithacus, Grey Parrot, 5:06

8.      Psittacula krameri, Rose-ringed Parakeet, 4:39

9.      Serinus canaria, Canary, 5:27

10.   Nymphicus hollandicus, Cockatiel, 5:07

11.   Agapornis roseicollis, Rosy-faced Lovebird, 4:04

12.   Amazona aestiva, Blue-fronted Amazon, 5:08

13.   Pyrrhura picta, Painted Parakeet, 3:40

14.   Amazona amazonica, Orange-winged Amazon, 4:30

15.   Melopsittacus undulatus, Budgerigar, 5:17

16.   Poephila guttata, Zebra Finch, 5:15

17.   Rainforest Borneo, 3:32


PRESS RELEASE: And every day the hill myna greets "Exotic Birds" on audio CD

With its outer appearance, the house-sparrow - with all love - must pull the shorter one. The feathers of the budgie, canary and parrot shimmer in the most splendid colours. But not only the appearance of these exotic birds is unmistakable, their songs and calls also offer an interesting variety of sounds. A selection has now been published by music publisher Edition AMPLE. In over 78 minutes, the sound carrier "Exotic World of Birds" presents the voices of 15 bird species from all over the world. Of course the hill myna enjoys a special status among the exotic birds. What man speaks to him, the iridescent bird with the yellow beak can parrot. He imitates not only the words, but also the pitch of his voice. He proves this for six minutes on the sound carrier by repeatedly adding a short, cheeky "Hallo!" to his melodic songs and calls. Many bird lovers are probably familiar with the chirping of the canary and the budgie. But also lesser known exotic birds have their say on the audio CD: the ring-necked parakeet, the peach-faced lovebird, the diamond dove or the orange-winged amazon. The audio CD is supplemented by an eight-page booklet with colour pictures. Each of the 17 sound recordings provides interesting background information on the animals' habitat and breeding behaviour. By the way, the audio CD is not only an acoustic experience for humans, but also for cage birds, which will be pleased about the varied sounds of their conspecifics!


Audio CD including booklet by Karl-Heinz Dingler. Playing time 78 minutes.

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