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Nathan Emery: Bird Brain

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Bird Brain

Birds with brains - The study of feathered intelligence


Vain peacock, thieving magpie, dove of peace. We attribute everything to birds except intelligence. In English "birdbrain" is even used as an insult - to a person of low intelligence.


Yet many of these animals contain a small Einstein. This scientific illustrated book proves that bird brains are highly developed and capable of phenomenal performance: solving abstract tasks, recognizing oneself in the mirror, gaining experience. Ravens, for example, use tools - a behaviour that has so far only been observed in primates.


Exciting stories from research with smart crows and sophisticated ravens.


Author: Dr. Nathan Emery

Dr. Nathan Emery is a senior lecturer in Cognitive Biology at Queen Mary University in London. His research interests include ravens, great apes and parrots and their understanding of their socio-physical environment, especially with regard to the recognition of the state of mind of others, their thinking and imagination. Other focal points of Emery's work are psychology and the evolution of innovative spirit and creativity. He is currently leading a research project on the legendary London Tower Ravens.


2017, 192 pages, hardcover


Language: German

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