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Zimmerpflanzen in der Vogelhaltung

Language: German
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Indoor plants in bird keeping 

Identification, care, suitability for parrots, parakeets & co.

This practical guidebook supports bird keepers in selecting and caring for houseplants as well as protecting their pet birds from poisonous plants.

In clear plant portraits you will learn: How to identify the respective plant by leaf, flower and fruit. How it grows and thrives best at home. Which location and which soil are ideal. How the plant grows and when it flowers.

Classics and trend plants: Not only the most common houseplants are presented in detail. Traditional plants are also covered. Modern trend plants are also portrayed for inspiration. The list of the most frequently bought houseplants provides additional orientation, because you will come across these green and flowering plants particularly often in the trade or at home.

Poisonous or non-toxic for parrots, parakeets and other pet birds? This is answered in every plant portrait. The case of poisoning should be avoided with this book. But what to do if it happens anyway? How can symptoms of poisoning be recognised? There is an extra chapter on this subject. Also: The typical misconceptions about houseplants in bird keeping.

For more safety in bird keeping and joy in plant cultivation, have contributed to this book:

Martin Haberer (horticultural engineer and best-selling author) with his helpful plant portraits and the numerous practical tips for plant lovers. 

Thorsten Gerke (Ornithological Trade Division of Arndt-Verlag) with the conception and coordination of the publication.

Dr. Elisabeth Peus (specialist veterinarian for ornamental, zoo and wild birds at the pigeon clinic in Essen) with her valuable veterinary contribution on poisoning.

Dr. Kristina Maier-Sam (veterinarian at the University of Giessen, Clinic for Birds and Reptiles) with her expert view on poisonous and non-poisonous plants.

140 pages, more than 220 illustrations and photos

New publication 2021


Language: German

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