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Wilhelm Bauer: Hühnerställe bauen

Language: German
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Build henhouses

Build it yourself? Sure did! You can adapt a self-built henhouse perfectly to the conditions in your garden. It is important that the conditions in the house are optimal for the poultry - only in this way will your hens become hard-working egg suppliers. This book will show you in detail what you should know about house types, building materials, construction process, roof construction, technical installations, furnishings, utility room, runs and aviaries. Ten practical examples, from the smallest henhouse to the converted children's playhouse to the breeding facility, provide you with plenty of ideas and suggestions for planning and building your own henhouse.


Author: Wilhelm Bauer

Wilhelm Bauer was already a poultry farmer as a child. He is the 1st chairman of the "Preisrichtervereinigung Württemberg-Hohenzollern", judge for purebred poultry as well as breeding warden and official in several associations. He is a freelance journalist and editor for pigeons for the Swiss magazine "Tierwelt".


Language: German

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