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W. Fiedler, H.-J. Funstück: Heimische Vögel ganz nah

Language: German
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Native birds up close

Distinguish 111 common species quickly and safely

With this new beginner's book you can easily get to know and recognise native birds! The typical characteristics of the 111 most common and most frequently encountered birds are explained directly from the photo. Short portraits provide information on the best time to observe, status, distribution, habitat and special features. The voices can be called up via QR codes. In addition to the German names, the scientific bird names as well as the common English, French, Spanish and Italian names are given. This completely redesigned nature guide arouses curiosity and the joy of discovery for our diverse bird world.

Authors: Wolfgang Fiedler, Hans-Joachim Funstück

2020, 152 pages, 235 colour illustrations, 112 maps, paperback


Language: German

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