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Immanuel Birmelin: Mein Wellensittich

Language: German
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My budgie

There are around 4 million pet birds in Germany, and the budgie is by far the most popular of them. Dive into the world of small parrots with the renowned behavioural biologist Dr. Immanuel Birmelin and learn about the behaviour of these intelligent birds.


In this guidebook you will learn everything about the nature of the flying artists and about the species-appropriate keeping of budgies. From the selection, equipment, nutrition, care, disease prevention and the question of offspring to species-appropriate activities, everything that is important for a long budgie life is explained. A separate chapter helps with problems of keeping budgerigars. Numerous guidebook elements convey knowledge in an attractive way, e.g. did you know that... (Remarkable facts about budgies), Active Test My Pet (small tests and observation instructions to better understand your own pet), Parent Extra (information for families with children). Plus: Info-Poster to cut out.


144 pages, numerous colour pictures, size: 23,4 x 16,8 x 1,4 cm


Language: German

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