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Bernhard Schneider: Als die Wellensittiche nach Europa kamen

Language: German
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When the budgerigars came to Europe

On the tracks of Dr. Karl Russ and Karl Neunzig

- A foray through 100 years of bird lovers' history


This is not a "budgerigar book", the subtitle is more appropriate. The extensive and richly illustrated work by Bernhard Schneider is a natural-historical outline of the bird lovers of the last hundred years, but also of the ornithological events of this period. At the heart of the book, filled with episodes and statements by contemporary witnesses, is the first comprehensive biography of the old masters of bird care and breeding, Dr. Karl Russ (1833-1899) and Karl Neunzig (1864-1944).


Interesting chapters of natural history are grouped around the description of their life and work, such as the founding of the Brehm Aquarium in Berlin, the new construction of the bird house in the Berlin Zoo, the history of the trade journal "Die Gefiederte Welt", the first breeding of the budgie in 1855 in Berlin, the role of the international bird trade, the struggle for the first bird protection law of 1888, the work of the budgie pioneers Duncker and Cremer. The painful process of Karl Russ' professional self-discovery from pharmacist to writer is vividly portrayed.


For book lovers all bird care and breeding books by Karl Russ and Karl Neunzig are listed with all bibliographical details. In addition, all 61 species of birds are listed that Karl Russ was the first to breed. A special chapter deals with Russ and poultry breeding. The talented bird painter Karl Neunzig is also introduced, with the presentation of his most beautiful bird panels, who also as an ornithologist published the three great works of bird care in the 1920s. Also the part of his son Rudolf in it is treated in detail.


The first Russ-Neunzig biography was published in 2005 | Geb (Lam Pp), 16.5x23.5 cm, 378 pages, over 340 colour and black-and-white photographs, colour and black-and-white illustrations


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ISBN-13: 9783000147876

Language: German

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