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W. Bauer, A. Krause: Garten sucht Hühner

Language: German
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Garden is looking for chickens

The best breeds for small gardens


A handful of chickens in the garden is like meditation and yoga together: The soft gurgling and clucking means pure relaxation! Whether cute feather-footed bantams, walking leisurely through the garden with their pushover legs that don't tear holes in the grass, or ponderous amrocks - you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here! And don't worry: With the right chicken breed, your turf will remain in your garden, you don't have to make a fortress out of your garden, you don't need ear protection and stress management in the form of cuddling is included! Another big plus: You get the world's best eggs delivered free to your door!


Authors: Antje Krause, Wilhelm Bauer

Antje Krause is a graduate engineer for landscape planning and has worked as an author and editor for many years. North of Berlin she lives her dream of country life with chickens and dog.


Wilhelm Bauer is a small animal expert and official in the "Bund Deutscher Rassegeflügelzüchter" (German Poultry Breeders' Association). He is a judge for poultry of all kinds, a freelance journalist and a permanent contributor to the German-language trade press at home and abroad.


2018, 128 pages, 120 colour photos, flap brochure


Language: German 

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