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van der Linde, Pieper: Geflügel im Mobilstall

Language: German
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Poultry in mobile housing

Management and Technology

A mobile barn enables a successful direct marketing of eggs and poultry meat. But what factors make mobile housing so attractive? How does a mobile house for poultry pay off? What has to be taken into account in management and how is the marketing of eggs and meat organized? This book shows both organic and conventional farms how best to get started with mobile housing and how existing poultry stocks can be optimized. The authors Jutta van der Linde and Henning Pieper are experienced advisors to the Chambers of Agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony and experts in all aspects of mobile barn management.

Authors: Jutta van der Linde, Henning Pieper

Jutta van der Linde is a master of animal keeping and consultant at the Chamber of Agriculture NRW in the field of poultry farming.

Henning Pieper is a farmer and agricultural economist. He is a consultant at the Landwirtschaftskammer NS in the field of poultry and pig farming.

2018, 208 pages, 104 color photos, 30 colored drawings, 15 tables, card cover

Language: German

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