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Ulrich Schmid: Vögel - Zwischen Himmel und Erde

Language: German
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Birds - Between heaven and earth


Naturzeit - a very special nature guide about the 30 most famous birds with which we humans have a very special relationship. It is often their way of life that fascinates us humans and around which legends and customs have developed. In addition to the identifying features and detailed drawings, special stories, encounters and the relationship of the respective species to us humans are told in an entertaining and emotional way. Nature is precious - this bibliophile book for nature lovers, with half-linen and open paper, is just as precious.


Author: Ulrich Schmid

Ulrich Schmid is a biologist and works at the Natural History Museum in Stuttgart. He has written numerous books on birds and animals as well as nature guides.


1st edition 2018, 240 pages, 32 colour drawings, 35 black and white drawing, hardcover


Language: German

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