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Thomas Schmidt: Entdecke die Störche

Language: German
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Discover the storks


Hardly any other bird is as popular with children and adults as the stork. But where and how can Master Adebar best be observed? What do storks eat, why do they clatter? What species are there, and what is necessary to protect them?


Bird expert Thomas Schmidt vividly describes the fascinating way of life of our two native species, white stork and black stork. He also presents in detail the beautiful stork species of distant countries. An exciting journey through the world of storks!


·        The menu of the storks

·        Caring parents

·        Human and stork

·        Protection and hazards

·        Storks of other continents

·        Observe storks

·        Extra: Similar species like herons and spoonbills

·        Extra: The migration of the white stork


48 pages

colour photos throughout

large format: 20,7 x 28 cm, hardcover


Language: German

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