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Thomas Schmidt: Entdecke die Pinguine

Language: German
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Discover the penguins

You just have to take penguins to your heart!

The friendly water birds with the black and white tails and the somewhat clumsy appearance are the darlings of the children. Underwater, these perfectly adapted animals show a completely different side: With the highest elegance they shoot through the floods on the hunt for fish and crabs. In this book children learn all about these friendly birds. Do all penguins live in ice and snow? Can they drink salt water? How fast do penguins swim, how deep do they dive, what incredible adaptations to their extreme habitats do they have? The answers to these and all other questions about penguins can be found here!


·        The biggest and the smallest

·        A life in a desert of ice and blazing sun

·        On daddy's feet: Growing up like sweet chicks

·        Yummy! The penguins' menu

·        A portrait of the most beautiful species

·        Fantastic colour photos

·        Extra: Big penguin quiz


56 pages

colour photos throughout

large format: 20,7 x 28 cm, hardcover


Language: German

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