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Thomas Schmidt: Entdecke die Möwen

Language: German
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Discover the gulls


What would the coast be without seagulls? But also inland the elegant birds delight us with their flying skills and their distinctive calls.

In this book you will learn everything about these likeable acrobats of the air. How do seagulls hunt, what do they eat? Can they drink salt water? What kinds of seagulls are there, how can you recognize them? Which is the smallest, which is the biggest? The answers to these and all other questions about seagulls are given to you in this volume from the "Reihe mit der Eule"!


·        Exciting family life

·        A life on the high seas

·        Menu and hunting methods

·        Humans and seagulls

·        A portrait of the most beautiful species

·        Fantastic colour photos

·        Extra: Skuas and terns

·        Extra: Big Seagull Quiz


56 pages

colour photos throughout

large format: 20,7 x 28 cm, hardcover


Language: German 







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