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Thomas Schmidt: Entdecke die Greifvögel

Language: German
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Discover the birds of prey

·        Birds of prey are the masters of the air! They have sharp eyes and claws.

·        There are many exciting things to discover around these flying hunters:

·        What are the world records for birds of prey?

·        How do they kill their prey?

·        What is the falcon tooth?

·        Are there birds of prey that eat wasps or even poisonous snakes?

·        Can birds of prey use tools?

These and all other questions about the most majestic birds of prey on earth are answered here in a child-friendly way - an exciting and entertaining voyage of discovery through the world of birds of prey!

·        The sophisticated hunting methods of birds of prey

·        Which special characteristics distinguish birds of prey?

·        What significance do birds of prey have for us humans?

·        Threats and protection of birds of prey

·        Everything worth knowing about the native species

Fantastic colour photos

Extra: Watching birds of prey

Extra: Big bird of prey quiz



Thomas Schmidt is an ornithologist and works as a freelance biologist, non-fiction author and photographer in Hamburg.


Language: German

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